The South African Pilates Association (SAPA) is a non-profit,
professional association that is dedicated to the teaching of
Joseph H and Clara Pilates.

SAPA represents the South African Pilates community, promotes quality, evidence-based education and professional conduct. SAPA exists to support instructors, students, business and the public and to foster integrity, respect and diversity in the growth of the Pilates Method in South Africa.

SAPA is operated and managed by REPSSA:
The Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa


Who do we represent?

  • Any student in current training to become a Pilates instructor
  • Any Pilates instructor
  • Any studio owner
  • Any Pilates course provider

SAPA wants to look after the South African Pilates community

  • We are a professional body for Pilates in South Africa.
  • We are a registered non-profit organization (NPC 2011/143189/08)
  • We represent the public and professional Pilates community in South Africa.
  • We protect the public against sub-standard instructors.
  • We provide advice and support in legislative and statutory matters.
  • We provide recognition for accredited education providers and qualified instructors.
  • We protect students from non-accredited and sub-standard education providers.
  • We represent Pilates instructors at a national level in terms of regulations, accreditation, lawful adherence and communication with other statutory bodies.
  • We subscribe to a code of conduct and ethics.
  • We maintain regular communication with our subscribed members.

How has SAPA been looking after your interests in the past months?

  • SAPA board members have kept up to date with the legislative changes in the fitness industry for the past few years and made constructive comment to government regarding the current Draft Fitness Regulations in order to protect and support the growth of Pilates in SA.
  • SAPA chairperson and other board members attended the official Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) presentation at the 2011 Discovery Fitness Convention, where they participated in a discussion regarding the imminent regulation changes and the establishment of the Fitness Board.
  • SAPA chairperson has attended further official constructive meetings with SRSA subsequent to their Discovery Convention presentations.
  • SAPA board members attended official meetings with members of the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA).
  • SAPA has officially voiced support for the national Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa (REPSSA), which is the only organization worldwide that can offer South African Pilates professionals international equivalency and portability of qualifications to UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Australia.

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