Calcium Carbonate ()
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Product description: Calcium Carbonate is a mineral which is necessary for many normal functions of the body and is used to prevent and to treat calcium deficiencies.
Active Ingredient:
Calcium Carbonate as known as: Calcii carbonatis, Sanidecal, Cal-aid, Calci-mix, Ostine, Orbical, Didrocal, Calsan, Calcar, Ipical, Mubonet, Tankaru, Calodis, Calporosis, Calcidose, Apocal, Dioflam, Calcicare-d3, Recalvit, Ostocavid, Carbocal, Calcio, Calcite, Calcidoc, Mastical, Calmet, Magnesie plus, Calcitab, Levucal, Acidor, Protebon, Calciodie, Savecal, Kalcijum karbonat, Calciu masticabil, Pérical, Calprimum, Steovit, Kalcijev karbonat, Calcigol plain, Ripreston, Calciaps d3, Calcicold3, Orthocal, Metocal, Calnat, Maxbon, Cc-nefro, Calcefor, Ostocal, Ideos, Cal-de-granulat, Calcimore, Calcional, Caldoral, Malugel, Calcifar, Vitacalcin, Lubical, Carbonato calcico, Calci-tab, Cartaretin, Calcarb, Vical calcio, Calcidina, Cadtre, Ostogen, Edical, Ostram, Didrokit, Cal d vita, Apo-cal, Titralac, Calci-gry, Calos, Bonacal, Os-cal, Calcin, Nephro-calci, Biolectra calcium, Carbonato de calcio, Pluscal, Isocal, Oystercal, Antacid, Tums, Veriscal d, Caprimida, Caltrate, Adcal, Strongcal, Tumy, Natecal, Costin, Cavid, Carbo d3, Calcicarb, Osteomin, Calcitugg, Sandocal, Calciumcarbonat, Calkid, Didronel pmo, Bonec, Optinate combi, Kalcipos, Orocal, Calma, Raffo-ca, Remegel, Calcioral, Idracal, Cavida, Bonesil d flas, Adiecal, Dreisacarb, Mylanta, Aristocal, Rennie, Elgydium, Calcion, Vicalvit d, D vital, Carbosint, Pms-calcium, Body calcium, Rocal, Calcos vitamine d3, Ossofortin, D-calcium, Cal-plus, Caldical, Calciform, Deltacal, Calcilac, Calpo, Foscalvit, Calcifast, Procala, Gaviscon, Calcio carbonato, Calcioplex, Osteoplus, Ditrost, Caldil, Jasocal, Maalox, Cald 3, Calfor, Calcigen, Cacit, Canta, Mycal, Elcal, Ospur ca, Calbon, Oracal, Alka-mints, Tzarevet, Calciprat, Caljuven, Calcifil, Calcial d, Cimascal, Mallamint, Biocalcium, Calcivorin, Acical, Maxi-kalz, Vita calcea, Rejuven, Calvidin, Megacal, Liqui-cal, Calcimagon, Alcamex, Calcit, Calcicar, Calcivit d, Novalucol, Métocalcium, Calcigran, Fixical, Calcimed, Kalcidon, Orotre, Frutical, Disnal, Caltan, Calci-aid, Uvasal, Myocal, Calcium, Calceos, Calcidon, Ossopulvit, Ultracalcium, Kalaz d3, Oral-z, Steocar, Osséans d3, Calcipiryna, Calcii carbonas, Osteocal, Calperos, Cal-sup, Dolomit vis, Caosina, Calciton, Calci-d, Calcidia, Densical, Chooz, Oscal, Eptavit, Calbo

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